Dear Friends,

Of course I’m a tad biased, but you and I know this election is too important to leave to chance. So I’m pestering you, one last time, to help get Mayor Ralph Becker re-elected! Please check out the ‘Top 9’ list below, and come up with one more reason YOU think Ralph deserves our vote. Then, pass this on to your friends and family so they can add their’s. This is the kind of momentum we need to keep Salt Lake City soaring!

Here’s mine:

Ralph’s tireless commitment to Salt Lake City has improved our public schools, our air quality, our neighborhoods, and our job opportunities. He’s raised our national profile by creating a City where the biggest downsides – according to some people – are where to put bike lanes and whether we picked the right vendor when we updated the parking kiosks. (Seriously!?)


Please add YOUR top reasons to re-elect Ralph Becker and send this on to your personal network. And please CAST YOUR VOTE for Ralph so he can finish the job of making Salt Lake a Great American City!


Kate Kopischke